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Shade Sails, the most modern solution for sun protection

Do you know the tails or sail awnings? Surely you've seen some already there. You will agree that they give a different decorative touch, right?

If you do not know even what are the sail awnings in this article we explain it to you.

What are shade sails?

Inspired by the sail of the ships, sail awnings are a solution of sun protection that allow to create a shaded area in a space that we choose. This technique dates back to ancient Egypt, when, after being removed the sails were temporarily used to create shade. The Romans subsequently adopted this same technique to create shadow areas in the Colosseum during the summer.

How are made the shade sails?

The sail awnings use in their manufacture techniques and modern materials that offer a guarantee against the sun rays, as well as resistance against the water and the strong winds. Its modern manufacture began in warm countries like Australia or South Africa, although the popularity of sail awnings is rapidly spreading to the rest of the world.


Do not trust who sells self-installing sail awnings. Tightened sails, if they are of quality, will have been designed specifically for a need for shade, and therefore their installation must be performed by professionals. Experts who will take into account the characteristics of the space for which the sail has been designed, and who know how to install it to ensure its effectiveness and durability.

Why choose shade sails instead of an umbrella or an awning?

  • Few umbrellas block UV rays, the main purpose of the candle curtain
  • Even the best umbrellas generally do not last more than a couple of seasons.
  • Properly installed, your sail awning will last longer than an umbrella.
  • A tightened sail will cover a much wider area and you will not need to move it.
  • Velas Alicante orders your shade sails in Alcoy.

    In Velas Alicante we are manufacturers and installers of sail awnings in Alicante and we have more than 12 years of experience in the field of sun protection. Our goal is to offer the customer sun protection solutions for your home and business through candle awnings, shade sails or tensioned tarps.

    Velas Alicante is the only company of sail awnings (shade sails) in Alicante that has the quality certification ISO 9001: 2008 and that complies with the European safety regulations UNE-EN 13561 (CE marked) that guarantees the highest quality both In the manufacture as in the installation of all its products.


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