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How are shade sails different from any other type of awning?

They are becoming more visible, sail awnings are a modern and
functional solution against sun protection. if you are still hesistant abaut
whichy type of protection is better for your case in this post we will clear
that up.

Maybe you've been thinking of sail awnings or tensioned sails for your garden, patio or terrace, but you can`t decide. You've seen them in lots of decoration magazines or in some places, but you're not sure of their qualities, or what sets them apart from other sun protection elements. If so. This post is for you. How are sail awnings different from other types of sun protection systems?


The technical fabric used in the manufacture of sail awnings offers maximum combination and sun protection, strength and durability to ensure a long life without maintenance. It is a strong and stable fabric that does not emit any kind of toxic substance through continuing use or if it gets wet.

Wide range of colors.

The shade sails come in a variety of colors which makes it easy to combine them with any decoration.

Different clamping and / or rolling systems.

It is false to say that sail awnings are always attached to anchorages. They can be held by posts, or by natural elements such as trees. Everything will depend on each case. It would be appropiate to make a study of the space and from there we`ll know wich clamping and rolling system is required.

There are systems that allow to roll sail awnings just as it is done on boats, with an electric motor that is responsible for adding tension to the fabric. It is one of many options that could be used.

Durability and robustness.

Its light weight roof look, but of extreme hardness and usefulness, makes sail awnings one of the most attractive protection and including also resistance to wind and rain. It is also used sometimes to protect garages and carports.

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