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Frequently Asked Questions
The dictionary definition of the word sail among other meanings is “Set or union of cloths or pieces of canvas or strong canvas, which, cut in various ways and sewn, are tied to the dicks to receive the wind that impels the ship. Therefore a tensioned sail is: A set or union of cloths or pieces of canvas or strong canvas that cut in various ways, sewn and tensioned with perimeter steel cable that form a shadow surface.
Normally the fabric with which the tensioned candle is made comes in rolls of a certain width and length, when cutting a width by a length it is called a cloth so a candle can have a certain number of cloths depending on the surface of the same.

The joining of these cloths is done by welding or sewing, depending on the fabric used. The correct availability of the cloths give the sail a better distribution of the tension allowing it to be as tense as possible.
Once the sail is made, the curvature of each side of the candle has to be determined, this curvature is never the same since it depends on the heights at which the tensioning elements are placed and the distance from the side, for a regular The greater the distance from the side the curvature must be greater.

This curvature is what gives the tensioned sail the tension necessary for its proper functioning, if it had completely straight sides it could never be totally tense. This lack of tension can be seen in the pieces of fabric that they sell on the large surfaces, they are only pieces of canvas sewn with a tape, if they hang they cannot tense the central part creating that image of “rag in the wind”.

We must take into account when designing the sail which is the real shadow surface since that curvature subtracts shadow. Our commercial team has the help of the engineering department that pre-designs the surface to calculate the necessary sail.
We call a tensor element to all that complement that is necessary to exert and maintain tension in the tensioned sail.

Our tensioned sails are made following a rigorous study of the surface to be protected. Once the area is studied, the sail is configured and the type of tension element required is established. This sail may need masts, posts or plates, and not necessarily in this order. These tensioning elements are those that are placed between the posts, masts or plates and the tensioned sail. By tensioning each side we obtain the tension necessary for its stability.
We start from the basis that the comparison is not possible since they are totally different products and does not lend itself to comparison. It is like pretending to compare a scooter with a car, the two perform the transport function but do not perform it in the same way.

The ones that are sold online are standard, that is, they are not tailored, they are pre-established measures and that is what they are. In Velas Alicante we carry out a detailed study of the place where the client wants their tensioned sail, we make a sketch and advise on the type of fabric that best suits their needs.

Those sold online do not install them, you have to install them, they come with an instruction manual and you must place them where you can. Our company has professional installers trained for years in the installation and with its daily occupational risk prevention courses.
Those sold on the internet do not have a guarantee, if they are broken you must send them and wait for an answer. In Velas Alicante, the warranty is covered for any manufacturing defect for two years and of course we deliver the warranty in writing.
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