At Velas Alicante, we have a type of removable tensioned sail that allows for easy and safe storage. Our sails are designed to be removed when not in use. This is especially helpful for clients who install their shade sails at second homes and are concerned about their setup.

We have all types of REMOVABLE SAILS
Square-rectangular, rectangular, or triangular.
Cutting-edge quality and design are our main features.
The only company with quality certification and a written guarantee.
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Comfort and exclusivity in public spaces.

We are highly aware of the special circumstances surrounding our projects, which is why we prioritize safety as one of our main principles.

To ensure a safe and effective space, we use posts and masts made of stainless steel or galvanized steel, along with anchors capable of withstanding strong winds to secure the shade sails. This guarantees both safety and comfort in a sophisticated structure.


In order to provide convenience and peace of mind to our clients, we have developed a system, inspired by nautical sails, for dismantling tensioned sails. This system consists of a series of pulleys and tensioners with a crank that allows for easy assembly and disassembly. This type of removable shade sail is ideal for those clients who wish to uninstall their tensioned sail due to seasonality or usability reasons.

Furthermore, its design is up to our clients' choice, so the manufacturing and design are completely custom-made and, therefore, totally unique in the market. The types of removable sails we work with at Velas Alicante can be square, rectangular, or circular.

As a result, our sails are made with criteria of exclusivity and personalized for each project we undertake through a preliminary study. This guarantees a unique space, exactly what our clients desire and imagine. The choice of the number of anchors needed in each case, the chosen measurements, shapes, types, and finishes are never standard.

Los toldos diseñados y fabricados en nuestras instalaciones combinan exclusividad y confort para todo tipo de espacios públicos, garantizando la máxima durabilidad y protección frente a los rayos solares. Es por ello, que estamos avalados por la normativa 9001 : 2008 que certifica que somos una empresa que cumple con las máximas garantías en la fabricación e instalación de velas tensadas. 

La gran demanda de toldos vela en espacios abiertos al público se ha extendido gracias al número de parques y escuelas que confían en ellas para proporcionar a los más pequeños de la casa la protección necesaria para protegerlos de las quemaduras solares.  Si quieres combinar seguridad, confort y diseño a medida podemos ayudarte, ¿nos llamas? La creciente popularidad de los toldos vela puede es evidenciado por el número de escuelas que ahora la utilizan en los parques infantiles a través de todo el país. 

Las velas para espacios públicos se pueden distribuir para cubrir las áreas expuestas de manera que proporcionan a los niños o personas mayores un ambiente seguro para disfrutar del aire libre sin correr el riesgo de quemaduras solares o la lluvia.

Exclusividad y confort con nuestros toldos vela para espacios públicos

Somos fabricantes y montadores de velas acero inoxidable en para espacios públicos en Alicante.  Nuestras velas se fabrican de forma exclusiva y a medida, garantizando un montaje y desmontaje rápido y cómodo. Cada uno de nuestros productos elimina la radiación solar y el deslumbramiento, dejando pasar la luz y asegurando una aclimatación natural que proteje del sol conservando una óptima calidad visual.

Confeccionamos diseños únicos que evitan los desgarres, revestidos con refuerzos que avalan una resistencia extraordinaria al viento, la lluvia y el cloro. Diseños hechos con materiales que, por otra parte, no representan ningún riesgo para la salud de las personas, animales o medio ambiente porque están desarrollados SIN tóxicos.  

Si estás buscando lo mejor para decorar y transformar un espacio público (plazas, escuelas, pabellones deportivos, estaciones de tren o autobuses, jardines, polideportivos, parques, etc), envíanos un correo o déjanos tu número de teléfono, nosotros te llamamos.


At Velas Alicante, we use pioneering materials in the sector, as well as the most advanced installation techniques to adapt to the peculiarities of each project. Some of the outstanding features of our removable sails are:

  • Technical fabric or PVC, with reinforced corners and high-strength seams
  • Stainless steel hardware and fixing pieces
  • Possibility to shade unlimited surfaces, designing several overlapping sails
  • Long product durability, up to 8 years against UV degradation
  • Modern, unique, and functional design


Removable sails are one of the most comfortable, safe, and aesthetic alternatives we offer at Velas Alicante. For years, we have worked as expert professionals and pioneers in this type of textile architecture. Our designs are exclusive, created by and for the needs of our clients, who, of course, fully participate in the creative and conception process.

Additionally, we carry out the complete installation and assembly of our removable tensioned sails, thus ensuring an ideal, safe, and truly unique space. These sails have all the features of an awning in terms of providing protection against sun, wind, rain, snow, or dust. They are made with high-quality materials that give them robustness and solidity, naturally adding a special decorative profile that radically changes the appearance of a garden, outdoor patio, or square.

Their assembly and disassembly systems make these tensioned sails a convenient element that can be installed on any structure, whether walls, poles, or the ground, and that prevent the sail from suffering damage. Have you already thought about how you are going to transform the garden of your house, your patio, or terrace? We'll call you and explain everything. Shall we talk?

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