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The sail awnings are perfect for decorating terraces and gardens

Due to the climate Spain, throughout most of the year you can only enjoy being outdoors if you are in the shade. Today we'll talk about a solution that brings a different touch to the decoration : sail shade.

The so-called sail shades , awnings or canopies are distinguished from the usual awnings for having a flat shape and, either through some posts (vertical or slightly inclined) or a wall, or a combination of both or even as a parasol. An alternative solution,that will be fully adapted to the space where we desire to have shade.

Another of the aspects that characterize the shade sails is the shape format of the fabric they can be square, rectangular, triangular and what is most striking is that the ends can have different heights, creating an interesting look besides providing shade the your terrace, garden , patio or outdoor space.


Another customizable aspect of the shade sail is that we can choose the way in which the sail is going to be collected. They can be mountable and unmontable it can be roller sail both manually and motorized. Each of these systems have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the desired shade and type of sail, and will be most appropriate to preserve the fabric of the awning.

Deach color gives a
different effect.

The fabric of the shade sail is usually white, like the sails of boats, although it is also possible to order them in other colors, which can come in hand to fit the decor we have designed for our outer space, whether it´s a prívate home or a business, like a restaurant.

Order your shade sails la Nucia with Velas Alicante.

Are you now convinced to get a shade sail for your garden, terrace or business? Do not hesitate, call us. Velas Alicante provides the best quality sails and tensioned sails for you , which make us leaders in the market. As manufacturers and installers we can ensure the highest quality and proper installation. We work with internationally recognized suppliers that provide us with high quality materials.

If you are in the Nucía or in the region of Marina Baixa, you can visit our store in Alfaz del Pi.


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