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Why do shade sails make it possible for us to enjoy the sun?

The sun is a precios good we have here in Spain,that is not always fully appreciated. However, in other countries people appreciate it as it deserves, because they can´t usually enjoy it. One way to appreciate it is to create the best conditions to enjoy it.

The sun is sometimes very strong during summer and we must protect ourselves from it. However, at other times of the year, such as winter, the warmth of its rays is very pleasant and allows us to enjoy the outdoor spaces.So How can these extremes be combined in order to design a shade space that we can adapt during all times of the year?

Well,we have to do an in-depth study on the space and the shadow to be projected. In this sense, shade sails, or tensioned sail are an ideal solution to this problem. And they can allow us to create the exact sun protection that we need.

How do shades sail help us?

Tensioned sails use technology that comes from the nautical sector, from the materials of the shade sails to their tensioners,anchorages poles etc.With a proper study of the shadow to be projected,the sails are customized adapted to each space.It´s also posible to combine several, or remove some in Winter.

Can they be placed anywhere?

Its modern design makes them easy to combine with any decor. In addition, they can have several utilities, they may be for a business, for a public space, for a prívate home. They may be the best solution for a terrace,a courtyard,or an outside garage of a bungalow to protect a vehicle from the sun.

Velas Alicante installs your sail shades in Altea.

Altea is a beautiful place full of life all year round. Domestic and foreign people walk alog the streets and enjoy the walk the terraces and the beaches.It is an ideal place to enjoy the sun,on any season of the year. Your business or many ways.

The high quality of our sail awnings and shade sails make us leaders in the market. Being manufacturers and installers we can guarantee the highest quality and a correct installation.

Come and visit us at our Alfaz del Pi store.


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