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Gardens, sports centre, park…Over the past 20 years private and public institutions have put their confidence in Velas Alicante to provide them with conform, exclusivity and design for their open spaces. Our tensioned sails are made to measure, manufactured by some of the best professionals in the sector.

On the other hand, we are aware of the special conditions that surround our projects, because of this our main premise is

Therefore, to achieve a safe and efficient space, we use poles and masts made of stainless or galvanized steel with anchors that can support the sails with wind gusts greater than 100 km / h. Security and comfort guarantee in a sophisticated structure.

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The awnings are designed and manufactured in our own facilities, combining exclusivity and comfort for all types of public spaces, guaranteeing maximum durability and protection from sunlight. That is why we are backed by the 9001: 2008 regulation that certifies that we are a company that meets the maximum guarantees of the manufacture and installation of tensioned sails.

The greatest demand for tensioned sails in open spaces has been thanks to the amount of parks and schools that have put their confidence in sails to protect small children from harmful UV rays while still being able to enjoy playing in the outdoors.

–          If you want to combine bespoke, security, comfort and design, we can help. Call us. The growing popularity of sail awnings can be seen by the number of schools that now use it in playgrounds throughout the country.

Sails for public spaces can be manufactured to cover the exposed areas in a way that provides children or the elderly with a safe environment to enjoy the outdoors without risking sunburn or being caught in the rain.

With exclusivity and comfort.

We are manufacturers and installers of stainless steel sails in public spaces in Alicante. Our bespoke sails are exclusive, simple to put up and take down, guaranteed.

All of your products eliminate solar radiation and glare while letting light through and ensuring a natural acclimatization that protects from the sun while preserving optimal visual quality.

We produce unique designs that prevent tearing, lined with reinforcements that guarantee extraordinary resistance to wind, rain and chlorine. Designs made with materials that, unlike others, do not represent any risk to the health of people, animals or the environment because they are developed WITHOUT toxins.

If you are looking for the best to decorate and transform a public space (public squares, schools, sports halls, train or bus stations, gardens, sports centers, parks, etc.), send us an email or leave us your phone number, we will call you.

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