Tensioned sails in Benissa

Tensioned sails in Benissa

Tensioned sail work in the town of Benissa consisting of a four-pointed sail supported by three poles and an anchor plate in the corner of the house.

This tensioned sail provides up to 98% protection against UV rays and creates a pleasant and protective atmosphere. The high density polyester fabric provides both quality and durability to the tensioned sail system.

Velas Alicante has a wide range of colours and technical fabrics to suit the design and solar protection needs of each client. Each situation is studied in detail and calculated to provide our customers with a product of quality and distinction.

Benisa (in Valencian and officially Benissa) is a municipality and town in the Valencian Community, Spain. Located in the northeast of the province of Alicante, in the Marina Alta region. Its 69.7 km² municipal area has 4 km of coastline. It has 11 000 inhabitants (INE 2016). The origin of the place name Benisa is Arabic: بني عسى Beni Isa or "sons of Isa", a tribal name, like that of many other towns in the Spanish Levant. Even today, most of the rural districts of the municipality retain their Arabic names: La Alfama, La Rápita, El Rafalet... This confirms the historical thesis that points to the existence of an important nucleus of Arab population when the armies of James I of Aragon arrived in Benisa in 1248, annexing the place to the Kingdom of Valencia. Together with Altea, Calpe and Teulada, it formed part of a lordship, one of whose lords was Roger de Lauria.


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