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If you want to know what Velas Alicante can offer you and do not just look for the cheapest price, read on, you will understand why our clients look for us and choose to be the best, not because they are the cheapest.

In the commercial area:

Our sales people are continually training on the products offered by the company, know their manufacturing and installation, their production processes and quality controls and when the awning is ready to install knows the date of installation and when the customer has been informed of it. It makes a total tracking of the order from its origin until the awning has been installed.

It is a commitment to the client from the beginning.

In the production area

Our production staff assembles the awning following the quality protocols established by the company and audited by the certifying entity Applus that certifies our ISO 9001 quality system.

It is a commitment to the quality of our products and a peace of mind for our customers. the components of your awning are of the highest quality.

In the Installation area

All our installers have several years of experience in the sector and with specific training in each product, are continually trained with occupational risk prevention courses, have the knowledge and means necessary for their work to be carried out with the highest safety and quality . All our staff is registered in the Social Security for greater peace of mind of our customers.

It is a commitment to safety and prevention of accidents at work.

In the area of quality

As a company we can offer our clients:

  • The ISO 9001 quality certification.
  • Compliance with European safety regulations UNE EN 13561 on the installation of awnings and their resistance to air.
  • The installation certificate according to the UNE EN 13561 standard
  • The concert and monitoring of occupational risk prevention with a risk prevention company
  • A liability policy that covers any contingency that may occur in our installation and after sales work.
  • A guarantee certificate in hand once the installation is completed.
  • A post-sale service that guarantees the replacement and / or repair of any element of the awning due to manufacturing defects.
  • A follow-up of all our clients with quality questions, they do not stop being clients even if the time has passed.

A commitment to quality and total satisfaction of our customers.

Our entire company is totally focused on the satisfaction of our customers, from the advice of our sales people through the manufacturing and installation and ending in a control of the degree of satisfaction at the end of the work.

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