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Don't you go out into the garden of your house during the hours when the sun rays hit you full? It's time to enjoy our terrace all day! How? Installing a sail awning that allows us to enjoy the shade, protecting us from the sun and excessive heat.

Inspired by the sails of ships, are characterized because they are one of the most versatile and functional sun protection systems, since they adapt to any type of space.

Sailing awnings are the modern and design alternative to the typical terrace umbrellas. They are the latest trend in decoration and architecture for our garden, giving a certain distinction and style to our home.

In addition, they are fully customizable. We can choose the appearance that we like the most, choosing the color that best suits the style of our home, the shape and even the height we want them to have.

If you need help installing your sail awning in Alicante, you can choose from all that we have in our catalog or customize yours!

Features of sail awnings


This system is characterized by its canvas with flat shape, fastened to the ground by the ends of these. The fastening can be done in two ways: by posts or anchored to the wall. Although you can also do a combination of both.

Shape of canvas

They can be square, rectangular or triangular. In addition, the heights of these can be customized, creating different levels, thus giving a special touch to our decoration.


Generally the canvas are usually white, as in the boats, but we can find them of infinity of colors, according to the tastes and preferences of the clients.

Roller shutters

The sail awnings can also be rolled up and spread throughout our garden thanks to a winding tube powered by a motor, regulating the pieces of shade that we want to create. It is a very versatile, attractive and functional system.


Their appearance makes them one of the most attractive and stylish awning types on the market.

This is thanks to that decorative and modern touch that gives a different style to the exteriors of our house.

Besides all this, we must take into account different factors so that the installation of our sail awning is a success (location, measures, size ... etc).

In Velas Alicante we install these shade systems throughout the province of Alicante. Specialized in the area of the Marina Alta, we act mainly in areas such as: Altea, Javea, Moraira, Benissa or Denia.

We know perfectly well that each installation is different. Therefore, we study your case and create a budget totally tailored to you. Contact us through +34 966 845 801 and we will get to work!


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