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Have you already chosen the model of sail awning that you think is the best left in your home? Great! Now is time to start choosing the functional elements that will compose it.

A sail awning not only has an aesthetic and decorative function in our home, also has many other properties that will provide us with many advantages.

After choosing the model, one of the most important characteristics that we must take into account immediately when choosing the awning that best suits our needs is the type of material that will be manufactured.

The choice of the canvas of which our sail awnings will be composed is perhaps more important and priority than the study of their anchorages.

Don't kid yourself! Although it may not seem like it, choosing the materials with which our sail awnings are going to be made is decisive because they are going to be the ones that protect us from sun rays, rain ... etc, and if they don't have high impermeability, perspiration, resistance and durability, will not serve us very well.

Therefore, the first choice you have to make is whether you are installing a waterproof sail awning or a breathable sail awning.

At Velas Alicante, we are experts in the manufacture and installation of sail awnings in Alicante (especially in: Denia, Javea, Moraira, Altea or Benissa), therefore, we offer both types of materials.

We know that each home has different needs and functionalities, so we want you to know the characteristics of these two fabrics. So that you choose the most suitable for your home.

Waterproof sail awning

This types are made of waterproof PVC, whose function is to waterproof and protect from rain.

It's the ideal material for places with high humidity, or in which the inclemencies of the weather are very pronounced.

For this reason, they are long-lasting tarpaulins, with great resistance against breakage. They are not ideal for places where the heat is extreme, as this tissue gives off a lot of heat, does not perspire and overheats.

Breathable sail awning

They use a technical canvas, specially designed to meet some specific functional requirement, these are intelligent materials.

These types of materials have the ability to interact with the environment and react to external stimuli.

Breathable sail awnings are specially developed to filter the sunlight and allow to reduce the temperature of the shaded surface, protecting us from UV rays.

It is the fabric most demanded today, as it is characterized by its versatility and comfort.

Do you know the best material for your home? Which one do you use? Waterproof sail awnings or breathable sail awnings? Tell us about it!


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