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The shade sail represents an easy solution for shading outdoor spaces, without needing a wall to support it. Usually, it is composed of polyester and protects up to 97% of UVA rays. In addition, its design adopts a great elegance: it shows light, like the material of sahde sail; It presents an attractive triangular shape (although other models also exist), and can be placed one on top of another, in addition to combining with different colors.

However, before placing it, there are several factors to consider in order to choose the correct location.
Location factors of the sail awning:
Tour of the Sun

First of all, it is very important to be aware of the Sun's path, since the shadow varies as this star moves from east to west. It should also be known at what cardinal point the terrace is located, in order to know at what time the sunlight is most intense and where it comes from. In this way, the most suitable place to place the canvas will be planned.
Anchor points

Another important aspect is to assess the anchor points used for the placement of the canvas. Depending on the shade you want to create, they will be placed in one place or another. You can use existing fixation points, such as a wall or a tree, or you can place posts specifically. In order for the fixings to remain strong, they must be nailed 2.4 meters above the ground. It should be checked that they are strong enough to withstand high winds.
Size and shape ( shade sails )

First you have to know where you want to place the shade sail and then calculate its size. A minimum width of 10% of the length of the sail between the corner of the sail awning and the mounting point should be left.

The shape of the sail will also be assessed because, depending on whether it is rectangular or triangular, one type of shadow or another will be created. You can also decide to put several juxtaposed canvases or opt for a taut or curved sail. In this sense, the taut candles are characterized by acting as really versatile canvas. On the other hand, the taut candles with curves are also very elegant. In this type of models, the awning has high and low points, so that it helps the rain fall to the ground.
Barbecue and other factors

In the event that you want to incorporate a barbecue in the view of the guests with shade area, it is important to know in advance where this will be located in order to properly position the awning. In addition, there are other factors that determine the location of the canvas. For this reason, remember that it is always better that the exact location is chosen by a specialist.

In case you want to place a sail awning and need specialized attention, do not hesitate to call 966 845 800 or send an email.

Velas Alicante has ISO9001 quality certification, we are manufacturers and installers.


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