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Velas Alicante begins its expansion to the area of Valencia.

With the presentation of last May 11 in Valencia begins a stage of expansion of Velas Alicante. Valencia has been its presentation.

In the speech promoted by the publisher Infoedita, Velas Alicante exposed the current trend of Textile Architecture within the branch of construction, the importance of materials and their quality, possibilities and forms of construction, forms of shade sails , The versatility of four-sided shade sail and the sun protection provided by this type of tensile sails.

The materials, the technical characteristics and the possibility of realizing any type of installation centered the presentation next to the presentation of the mark. There was an introduction to the Textile Architecture that accompanies us since the man needs a roof as protection.

After the presentation there were several questions from the attendees regarding the durability of the fabric, the type of material depending on the surface and the possibility of shading large areas at low cost.

Velas Alicante in its commitment to the Textile Architecture is making presentations at the Architects' Colleges of Alicante, Murcia and Valencia with the intention that the Textile Architecture be taken into account when it comes to the projects of solar or aesthetic protection of the houses.


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