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Frequently Asked Questions about sail awnings.

The Velas Alicante have made this small corner in which are some of the questions that our clients usually do. Take a look and if you do not find the answer to your questions or concerns please send the contact form.

Is it profitable to buy awnings candle instead of other solutions sunscreen?

If we consider solar protection provided by awnings sail the answer to the question is yes. The technical fabric with which the shade sails are made is of Australian origin, where sun protection is a subject required for each trade or home by the high incidence of UV rays in the area, thereby ensure that the area shaded by the tensiones shade sail is protected from the harmful effects of these rays.

If we consider the functionality, the answer to be yes vueve since you can add design and exclusivity (each candle is different) functionality.

Are the structures sail awnings can be attached to the walls of my home or business?

We assume that the structure and / or wall is in perfect condition.

Always depending on the location and the way the patient wishes, anchors, poles and other structural elements they may be anchored to the walls of the building. All those points that can not be anchored to the wall or structure should be repaired with poles anchored to walls or buried with a block of concrete or screwed to it.

Do sail awnings require maintenance?

The sail awnings are designed to require minimal maintenance, however if you have to give them a minimum of care to detect if any of its anchors is less tense than normal and shade sail loses its tension. In such cases you should stiffen or contact us.

Can I install awnings sail myself?

It is advisable that the installation be done by professionals. This is because the considerations that must be made when selecting the shaded area and the places where to locate the fixing points. When installing studs or structure is done always takes into account its size and weight relative to the taut sail. Also the size and depth of the base must be considered because of the different soil types and at the hole position. A very loose or badly fixed setting, the presence of strong winds or inclement weather, may cause damage to the material.

What is the classification of UV awnings sails of Velas Alicante?

Our materials are next generation and have a number of advantages: they are resistant to mold and moisture, tissues prevent glare offering high visual comfort and act as light diffusers, are very light, and include the sunscreen They offer up to 98% protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Order your awnings shade sail shop Benidorm in Velas Alicante in Alfaz del Pi.

The high quality of our sail awnings and sails taut make us the leader in the market. As manufacturers and installers we can ensure the highest quality and proper installation. We work with internationally recognized suppliers who provide us with high quality materials.

SPECIALISING IN custom made tensioned shade sails, 'Velas Alicante', now in their third year, has installed many shade sails where others cannot provide a shade solution.

Come visit our store Alfaz Del Pi.


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