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What is the best location for an awning sail on my deck or patio?

When choosing the location of your sail awning is very important to note the fact that the sun continuously moves in the sky from east to west which means that the shadow "moves" with the position of the sun.

The sail awnings can be installed in a variety of ways. The sail can be flat or with high and low points. A fully flat horizontal sail can interfere with proper tension and can collect rain. Our sales are trained to consider all options to optimize everything possible shadow zone and avoid possible horizontality of the whole.

Identify the location of the shadow of the sails, it is a key to realize the optimum mounting points that allow the candle to fulfill its mission sun protection factor.

Once the area is determined to shade only the manufacture and installation of sail, a task that our production department and installation will with confidence and security.

Installing anchors.

The installation of the anchors, poles or masts of the sails is determined by the situation and by its shape. Sometimes the anchors will be placed on the walls, on other occasions they should be placed poles anchored to walls and other masts should be buried with a concrete block size and weight according to the stress they must endure.

All sisntemas anchor sailing are studied enough to withstand the tensions and candle caused by the wind and rain moderately.

Selecting the position.

Before starting the installation, it is very important to consider the most appropriate place for tensioned sail taking into account the following factors:

The size of the shade sails.

Intensity of existing structures intended for anchorage points.

Ease of fixing the posts.

Location barbecues.

Sunward and possible projection of the shadow.

Other factors specific to each site and situation can be reviewed.

Order your awning sail in Orihuela Costa with Velas Alicante.

Velas Alicante is the only company sails tensioned (awnings sails) in Alicante that is certified to ISO 9001: 2008 and complies with European safety UNE-EN 13561 (CE marking) that guarantees the highest quality in the manufacture and installation of all its products.

Visit us at our exhibition of Gran Alacant from where we service area Oriuela Coast and throughout the province of Alicante.


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