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The importance of the tension in shade sails

Something to take into account when installing a sail awning is to achieve adequate tension to ensure a perfect placement without wrinkles.

The correct tension of the sail awning gives a perfect aesthetic appearance and a total absence of wrinkles avoiding any bag of water that generates damages. For greater safety and ease in the use of tails, these are usually tensioned with a system of pulleys. This ensures adequate tension transmitted with the necessary force.

The fastening of the ends is carried out in a simple and fast way, only has to be placed in the clamp of the awning and to stretch. This process takes a few minutes and your taut candle will then be ready to run.

The best materials guarantee durability.

Candles are constantly subjected to aggression from external factors. Solar radiation, water, wind, salinity, temperature changes, etc. It is essential to work with the best materials and use the right anchors to obtain the best results in the long term.

A custom shade.

All solar sails are unique pieces that are developed taking into account the size and shape of the space on which they are to be installed, in order to maximize the protective effect and ensure their best performance.

This can only be done through a detailed study of the space and the needs of the client, so do not rely on those who sell you self-installing sail awnings. Well done things, well look, and with a custom designed sail awning you will have the perfect product for your garden, patio, terrace, or business

Velas Alicante orders your shade sails in Elda.

If you spend time thinking about the candles to spare as the ideal solution for the sun protection of your terrace, garden or outside space of your business, do not wait any longer. Get in touch with Velas Alicante, tell us what you need and we will send you a free quote.

Through our stretched sails of maximum quality and exclusive design, an effective protection of the sun is achieved, the light is filtered, creating a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy the outdoors with maximum comfort.


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