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Why choose shade sails to decorate our terrace or garden?

Stretched sails are a different solution within the broad sun protection market. As they can be tailor-made for each space, they are personalized solutions.

Do not be fooled by their light appearance as they are tougher than they look. The designs are infinite as they adapt to any shape and space and are a decorative plus in outdoor spaces. In addition, the tensioned sails can be made to the desired size. They can be installed between walls, from structure to wall or between masts.

To be truly effective, the quality of the materials with which they are made is very important.

Tensile sails and technical fabric

The technical fabric is the newest type of sunscreen on the market. It is formed by a membranous structure and composed of polyester and PVC, or fiberglass and PVC. It is very effective thanks to its main characteristics:

- Temperature and light regulating capacity.

- All kinds of colors.

- Easy cleaning and resistance to dirt.

- It withstands the passage of time thanks to its flexibility and resistance to breakage.

- All this makes it more economically profitable.

Get your shade sails in Elche with Velas Alicante.

Velas Alicante manufactures and installs tensioned shade sails for individuals, businesses and all types of businesses. As manufacturers we can adapt to all the demands and needs of our customers, offering a professional service.

Through our solutions of maximum quality and exclusive design it is achieved an effective protection of the sun, it filters the light, creating a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy the outdoors with the maximum comfort.


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