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In what outdoor spaces is it ideal to install shade sails?

Shade sails or tensioned canvasses are a solution for sun protection increasingly visible in all types of spaces. However, there are certain types of spaces in which they look better. In this post we will mention you some.

Sail awnings are an optimal and economical solution to create fresh and shaded areas in all kinds of spaces. However there are places in which it is used because it`s functionality while giving a touch of architecture and decoration that other sun protection solutions do not have.

Golf Courses.

Due to the large tracts of land there is in a golf course, in which we have to walk from hole to hole, it is understandable that we are probably going to suffer the consequences of prolonged sun exposure.

Installing sail awnings or tensioned sails on certain parts of the course or on certain access can contribute to the comfort of golfers, who will certainly appreciate the comfort and take into account that field to play even in midsummer.


It is one of the most visible uses of sail awnings. Here in Spain where there is nothing better than enjoying a drink and delicatessen in the sun.


Something similar happens with hotels. There are buildings that tend to be
at the forefront of design, because of its architecture and decoration. That is
why it is not surprising that many hotels already have sail awnings, not only
in their outdoor spaces, terraces, halls and patios, but also in the hotel
rooms. A tensioned sail can be just as
good or even better than an umbrella or a conventional awning.

Sports Centre.

Last but not least,as in the case of golf courses, sports centres, are places where both athletes and spectators often suffer the consequences of prolonged exposure to UVA rays.

Sail awnings in these cases provide versatile solutions, which can often be removed and reattached,toensure the enjoyment of sports that are practiced outdoors, whether you practice or enjoy watching them..

Have confidence in velas alicante to install shade sails for busineses.

Velas Alicante manufactures and installs shade sails for all types of businesses such as golf courses, shops, restaurants and sports centers. As manufacturers we can adapt to all the demands and needs of our customers,and we offer a professional service.

Through our maximum quality solution and exclusive design it is achieved an effective sun protection that will filter the light, creating a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy the outdoors with the maximum comfort.


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