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Key aspects in the installation of sail awnings

When installing a sail awning it is recommended that this task is performed by a professional installer. At Velas Alicante we offer a complete design and installation service that provides our clients with maximum peace of mind.

When selecting the area where we want to install the sail it is important to know the position of the sun, in relation to the area where we want to cast the shadow as well as the time at which we want our shade.


In such a way, a map will be made following the solar trajectory. It will be necessary to know the client's need for more shading, as well as the preferred time of day, either in the morning or in the afternoon. This is the most important consideration for the formation of a dining area or a carport. We will design the shade according to your needs and use our experience to advise you on the best solutions.


All the work and design of the shade sail canopy can be ruined by not taking into account the position and location of the poles, these should be in the place where aesthetics and functionality are least affected. We should not install a pole in the entrance area of a vehicle, for example.

All posts can be lacquered with any color. All our salesmen are trained and prepared to, with your indications, obtain the best design for your sail.


Once the design has been studied and selected, it is time to study the terrain and the fixing points to ensure the absence of obstacles. This is a very important consideration as it is not advisable to place a pole directly where there may be some difficulty as it could result in additional costs.

Also, during the study all aspects of the shade position will be considered: Does it block views? Does it interfere with any existing structures? What is the best height to attach the sail? These are very important considerations when placing something permanent.


The main consideration to take into account is that the sun always shines and each installation is subject to adverse wind and weather conditions, our sales and technical staff will study each case and the installers will adjust the specification of the poles, foundations and fixing points depending on the size and position of the awning.

All our products are manufactured with the strictest technical supervision, our quality control (audited and certified by applus) allows us to offer a great seriousness and professionalism.

Let Velas Alicante help you install your sail awnings in Alicante.

In Velas Alicante we are manufacturers and installers of sail awnings in Alicante and we have more than 12 years of experience in the sun protection sector.

Our goal is to offer the customer sun protection solutions for your home and business through sail awnings, shade sails or tensioned tarpaulins. Through our solutions of the highest quality and exclusive design we achieve an effective protection from the sun, filtering the light, creating a pleasant environment to enjoy the outdoors with maximum comfort.

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