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Why does it come out better in the long run chosing a shade sail for sun

Tensioned sails or shade sails have become fashionable when it comes to provide shadow in all types of private homes or businesses. It's no coincidence. In this article we give some clues about it.

In Velas Alicante we try to answer our customers. In this article we will review about things that many wonder when it comes to installing awnings.

Why opt for shade sails rather than a conventional canopy or parasol?

Sail awnings are customized sun protection solution that will perfectly comply with a good aesthetic and decorative criteria, and will also effectively protect against other elements such as dust, hail, dew or frost.

Are tensioned sails as versatile as it´s

Shade sails, are a completely customized solution, if done professionally with a previous study on the area to be protected from the sun, once the area is thoroughly studied space, our team will provide different solutions to adapt everything to your needs.

Note that shade sails can have different shapes,clamping systems, colors etc. We will give you profesional advise to choose the most convenient.

Will the tensioning of the sail awning
contribute to its rapid deterioration?

An important aspect in the installation and use of a shade sail is to achieve adequate tension of the fabric to ensure perfect unwrinkled pleacement.

Tensioning systems used in Velas Alicante are designed specifically for each sail, and have adequate strength according to the shadow we want to project, without compromising the integrity of the product.

Can the anchorages and fasteners break?

The anchorages have to be adapted to the conditions of the different bending materials such as columns,or walls that can exist in each particular space. All sails, fastenings, anchor ages or posts, are specially designed for every need and space to cover, so its durability is one of the features that are taken into account in their manufacture.

Choose your customized shade sails
with the help of velas alicante.

If you have been thinking about shade sails for a long time the ideal solution for protect your terrace, garden or outdoor space of your business from the sun tken don´t wait any longer. Contact Velas Alicante, tell us what you need and we will send you a quote.

Our goal is the satisfaction of our customers we have the latest machinery, quality materials and a team of technical professionals who will design your customized shade sail to ensure your maximum satisfaction.


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