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Main advantages of sail awnings

The sail awnings are tensioned structures made of technical fabric or PVC which allows for a cool shade and avoid accumulations of rain.

It is very versatile awnings as they adapt fully to the space to cover, even in small and narrow spaces. Its shape depends on the area to be protected. They may be rectangular, triangular, square ...

Its main feature is that they allow shade elegant at the same effective, providing an exquisite architectural appearance way.

Principal uses of sail awnings.

Shaded patio, garden and picnic areas.

Sunscreen in children's play areas, beach areas and climbing.

Design sails for pool, jacuzzi and leisure.

Shading for barbecue areas, outdoor kitchens and outdoor dining areas.

Protection and outdoor furniture.

As pergolas for commercial use, restaurants, bars and public areas.

As parasols for parks, parking spaces and animal enclosures.

Main advantages.

Excellent sun protection: sunscreen is vital in warm climates, especially for children. Skin cancer is still a growing problem in hot countries around the world where people are not taking enough precautions against the danger of sunlight. In Spain, the morning sun is one of the reasons why so many people set here. But we must always remember that it must remain protected from the sun. Shade awnings that provide sail is one of the best ways to achieve it. The awning sail can be placed in the garden, on the patio or any outdoor space. So you and your family are assured of being under complete protection against the sun. The awning fabric is specially designed for the hot air to pass it while effectively blocks 98% of UV rays at the same time. That way produces a cooler area under the shade sail c fulfills its function of protection from the dangers of the sun. With style and functionality the sail awnings add an artistic touch to your outdoor space. The shade sails will provide an extra stylish ambiance in any outdoor space of your home.

Versatility: with the different forms available and the variety of colors, sail awnings are a great way to highlight your garden or patio. You can choose your own style and color and create something truly original.

More privacy: the areas where enjoy privacy are not easy to find. A shadow of candle can provide the solution to this. The shade sails are especially good for areas of apartment blocks where neighbors are in sight. Sail awnings come in many different sizes. With large one can create a large external private area, it is just an added benefit of awnings sail.

A device, multiple uses: with so many benefits, it is not surprising that sail awnings are highly visible in many areas of Spain. Put your own shadow sail in your garden and you can enjoy the freshness, privacy, and style it provides.

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