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Are you getting ready to have your garden ready in the summer? Would you like to have the shade to enjoy your moments of relaxation in the open air? We suggest you choose among these garden sail awnings!

Don't you know what are sail awnings? Here you have all the information you need to know to decide to install them.

Anyway we make a small advance: they are awnings inspired by the sails of ships, which withstand the inclemency of the climate and are specially designed to protect you from UV rays almost 100%.

Not decided yet? That's because you still don't know that they are totally customizable, both their shape, height, color ... etc.

Besides there is not only one way of installation, but you can choose between the different ways that you will know next.

At Velas Alicante, we are experts in the manufacture and installation of this kind of garden sail awnings. Trust us, you will not regret it!

Ways to place garden sail awnings

Sail awnings with structure

The installation of this type of awnings consists of the design and the creation of a proper structure to hold the canvas.

For this reason, they are totally customizable, since they adapt perfectly to the specific needs of each client, creating a unique and exclusive space for each house.

Motorized garden sail awnings

This type of sail awnings, extends horizontally over the area of our garden that we want to cover.

They are one of the most functional systems, besides being easy to handle. They can be deployed quickly, and suitable for large outdoor surfaces.

But that isn't all! From Velas Alicante we recommend that you adapt an intelligent security system to protect the fabric against unexpected winds.

Removable sail awnings

They are meant to be collected when they are not going to be used over a long period of time. Ideal for homes that we only use in the summer months.

As it doesn't have fixed tensioning systems, they can easily be removed and repositioned.

They are sail awnings made entirely to measure, since it is necessary to carry out an exhaustive study to know the number of anchors necessary for each case.

At Velas Alicante, we know perfectly well that the installation of this kind of garden canvas candles is unique in each case. Therefore, when you contact us we will make a specific and exclusive plan, depending on your needs. We will wait for you!


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